About Me

Gainesville, Florida resident Cory Carnley makes vacationing more than just a pastime. Even so, it would be an understatement. The easiest way to describe it is that Gainesville resident Cory Carnley lives for it. For the native Floridian, travel is essential, just as others require air to breathe, food to eat, and shelter. So he takes advantage of every chance to explore.

Despite how comfortable this sounds, his encounters have a yeoman-like quality. Cory Carnley doesn’t fly off to far-off places. He isn’t breaking any new ground, either. However, he is paving his way. Gainesville resident Cory Carnley isn’t lazing about with his toes in the sand. He has turned his pastime into a profession. Now that he has been fortunate enough to do so, he no longer travels only for pleasure.

He blogs about his travels so everyone can see what he is up to. Cory Carnley, a native of Gainesville, is the first to acknowledge that he mostly happened to become a travel writer by accident. He prefers experiences over goods, like the majority of other pupils his age. So instead of investing in the newest technology or the sexiest footwear, he just packed his bags and went. His blog started as a digital journal that he wanted to use to document his travels. His audience increased bigger with each post.

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